Cork City Help the Homeless

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Cork City Homeless Problem

The housing and homeless crisis in Cork city continues to worsen in the city.  People are finding themselves remaining stuck in this situation far too long because they cant find a place to live.  Cork has a severe shortage of housing, however has about 5,000 homes sitting vacant.

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Rents in cork during a 12 month period recently had increased by nearly 20%.  This in turn  pushed Cork locals into a rough sleeping situation increased by 47% and the number of people in Emergency Accommodations also increased by 14% at the same time.

Many of the homeless in Cork City are made up of individuals, couples, and families with children.  As of January of 2017, there were 269 homeless individuals across Cork City and County.  Cork city has the highest ratio of homeless adults to empty homes out of any Irish city in the Republic of Ireland.

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Cork Help the Homeless – Why?

Some reading our Cork Ireland Tours by Locals website might be confused about this topic on a paid tour website.  We decided we wanted to expose the problem of the homeless to others that come and visit and spend their holiday or vacation in Cork, Ireland.

How can you help the Cork City Homeless?

This is your opportunity to take a little time out of your vacation or holiday and help someone less fortunate.  Over the last 2.5 years many services have sprouted up in Cork city to help the homeless.  However they are always in need of volunteers to help hand out blankets, assemble bubble wrap and cardboard temporary beds and shelters.  Serving up soup and other food items to the less fortunate as well.  Or maybe just sitting and talking with the homeless and giving them some sincere attention they might be not getting.

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This is a volunteer type of situation, we do not make any kind of revenue from this, nor would we want to.  This is our way of helping the less fortunate and giving you, the tourist the opportunity to take just a bit of time out of your holiday or vacation to do something good for someone else.

If you wish to help out during your time in Cork city, please fill out our price quote form.  Again, there will be no charge for this, however we are still utilizing our price quote form to capture the information we need from you.  Once we receive a completed form from you online, we then will call you back and discuss the options that would be available to you to help the homeless based on the dates and times you are in Cork city.