Cork City Pub Crawl

Cork City Pub Crawl

Cork Local Pubs – Cork City Nightlife – Cork, Ireland

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The most popular alcoholic beverage that comes to mind worldwide when people think of Ireland is of course, Guinness.  However, many locals in Ireland actually drink Bulmers Irish Cider.  Outside of Ireland, the cider is named Magner’s, which is exactly the same beverage, but just given a different name.  So if you end up falling in love with Bulmer’s on your next vacation or holiday to Ireland, you should be searching in your local shop for Magner’s.

old oak cork city pub

The Cork City Pub Crawl will have two different evening tours to choose from.  If you want something early evening, short and conservative, this might be the tour for you.  The shorter evening tour will last around four hours in length.

However, if you are wanting to go the distance, and do the full evening into the early morning hours, then our eight hour tour would be just for you.  The full evening tour is not meant for the weak, but for the more adventurous that wants to go for a long session to see where the evening takes them. parnell place bus station

Parnell Place Bus Station – Cork City Pub Crawl kickoff location

The Cork City Pub Crawl will begin with meeting your Cork local tour guide(s) at the Parnell Place Bus Station in the Cork City Centre.  All of our pub crawls will kick off at approximately 7:00pm in the evening.

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Cork Locals Pub

Our pub crawls are not set in stone as far as which bars or how many bars to see and experience.  Upon meeting your tour guide, you will then express your interest in what types of venues you are most interested in seeing.   If you want a variety of small intimate places, dance clubs, or just a corner hole in the wall, your tour guide will piece together the perfect evening for you and your guests.  If you are wanting to just jump from one pub to another, that can be arranged as well.  Maybe you end up at a particular pub or dance club and you are having a great time, you can decide to stay at that location for the rest of the evening if you wish to.

cork ireland nightlife

Cork City Nightlife

Many Cork locals tend to goto particular bars and pubs in the city centre.  The popularity of the establishments varies from year to year among the locals.  Many tourists who visit Cork City tend to just wander aimlessly around the city centre and don’t have a clue of what the good pubs or bars are to goto.  If your time is limited in Cork City, their is no need to waste your evening in the wrong places.  The big advantage having one of our Cork Local Tour guides with you is that he or she will know exactly the best and most popular places that are currently the “hot spots” in the city.

cork chipper food

Cork Local Chipper Food

In Ireland, the term “Chipper” is considered a Fish N Chip shop, primarily cheap fast food with other assortments of deep fried foods.  These are very popular places to hit after a night out on the town of drinking and partying.  Your Cork Local Tour guide will know which chipper will be the best one that is nearest the last pub or bar that you are at during your pub crawl.  The last hour of either pub crawl will be spent indulging in some good local grub as you do in Cork as the locals do.

cork kebab food

Cork Local Kebab Food

If you have decided to pass on going to a chipper for the last hour of your pub crawl, then your tour guide will take you to the nearest good local Kebab shop.  This is Turkish food, and they have an assortment of open face sandwiches on pita bread and meats like beef, chicken, lamb, etc.  They come with mixed veggies and sauces on top, and are an outstanding late night meal after a night of drinking and partying.

Cork City Pub Crawl – Wrap up and Farewell

Both of our pub crawls last stop is at your choice of a chipper or kebab shop.  Once that hour is up, the tour is considered over and complete.  At this time, is when you say your goodbyes to your local tour guide(s).

Our Cork Local Tour guides try to go out of their way to be sure you have a very fun, and outgoing evening and will go the extra mile to make your evening memorable and eventful.  With this being said, we ask that you take the time to tip your tour guide accordingly.  If you feel you had exceptional service, then please show your generosity by tipping your tour guide as you depart.

Also, feel free to ask your tour guide what is the best way for you to get back to your hotel or next destination.  He or she can advise on calling a taxi, or other transportation options to suggest for you.